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About Us

EyesOnEars has been in operation in various capacities dating back to 2007, though the official launch date for this particular website was on January 21st of 2009. Throughout the evolution of our site the fundamental mission has never wavered from simply sharing a piece of the Disney magic with those who are currently unable to live it in person.

Without any doubt Walt believed in sharing the magic with others and showing as many people as possible what the magic was all about. Well, it is in that spirit that EyesOnEars provides the platform to extend the same kindness through the eyes of Disney fans like yourself. Together we allow our members an opportunity to get their fix of Disney from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

How can this be possible you may ask? Well, it's actually quite simple with the assistance of generous people that enjoy sharing the thrill of Disney with others. Together we stream live and recorded video from Disney properties providing members a virtual experience that's second only to being a Disney guest yourself.

In addition to these exciting video features our community offers members a chance to chat with other Disney fans while watching the live feeds, participate in discussions about their favorite Disney topics in our forums, share personal Disney photos through the creation of online photo albums, and in essence, in a cyclical manner share their personal love of Disney with others.